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Ice on Your HVAC Unit: 3 Causes and How to Fix It

The icing on any HVAC unit, whether air conditioner or heat pump, is caused by overlooking regular maintenance, which is important if you want to increase the life of your systems. Many people think it is a waste of money and it is easier to do it by yourself; however, it is not always that simple as it seems. You may end up paying a lot of money for significant repairs. Locals should know that air conditioning systems cost a lot when it comes to major fixes. So if you are not an expert of HVAC systems, you need to reach out to experienced technicians for acquiring services of air conditioning repair in Mt Pleasant, SC.

But, yes, one thing is for sure: tuning up your system every now and then is good for its longevity, but this should only include minor cleaning of filters and compressor unless you know what you are doing.

Let’s discuss about the reasons why your HVAC system has ice frozen above it. According to my research, there could be three primary reasons: low refrigerant, faulty wiring, or dirty evaporator coil. The major effect of icing on your unit will be the increased consumption of energy. Since your system will require extra power to produce the appropriate amount of cool air, hence, will utilize more electricity.

In either case, consulting an expert in HVAC (Mt Pleasant, SC) is important because refrigerant leakage is a severe issue if that is why your system has formed ice on it. So if there is ice on the outdoor unit of your system, turn off your system right away and contact a professional before it runs into more problems.

Let’s discuss how severe these factors are affecting your system.

1. Low Refrigerant

If your air conditioning system is low on Freon, one thing you should know that it is NOT common! The refrigerant in HVAC units is designed for a lifetime; they do not evaporate with time. So if someone says your system has low refrigerant, it means it probably has a leak, which can be dangerous and requires an expert of HVAC in Mt Pleasant, SC.

There are few things you need to be careful of on your end for the safety of your home. First, when you find out there is a leak, before adding a new refrigerant, make sure the technician seals the leak properly because adding a Freon will not make sense if the leak is not sealed appropriately. The refrigerant takes time to leak, but eventually, you will be out of the refrigerant again, and your system will stop working, leading to significant repairs.

Remember low refrigerant is not just harmful to your system but for you and your family as well. Freon contains poisonous chemicals, which can be dangerous if inhaled. They may cause breathing issues, so it is important to acquire early services of AC repair by Mt Pleasant, SC’s local HVAC companies. Local companies usually keep track of your past HVAC record. Thus, in case you run into an issue anytime, they would know the cause and help you solve it in a better way.

2. Faulty Wiring

Sometimes out of negligence of new technicians, systems run into wiring issues. Such an issue leads to continuous running of the outdoor unit while the fan stops, quitting the airflow, forming ice on the compressor. Yes, a thermostat could possibly have a problem in some cases; however, if you are not certain about that, contacting a HVAC company for the air conditioning repair in Mt Pleasant, SC, is essential. You would not want to mess with the electric wires on your own; they may be dangerous. A local HVAC professional would not just fix your problem but also guide you on how to deal with such issues in case you run into them next time.

3. A Dirty Air Filter or Evaporator Coil

The third reason the ice has formed on the compressor could be due to dirty air filters. HVAC systems require regular maintenance. Washing air filters may not seem a big deal, but they help in extending the life of your systems. If you do that every now and then during on-seasons, you may not even have to call any HVAC company for AC repair in Mt Pleasant, SC.

Turn off your system and clean the air filters because they keep air from flowing over the evaporator coil fast enough, preventing ice. You can also change the air filters and dirty evaporator coils and wait for the ice to melt before turning on your system again. If you still find ice forming on the unit, call a professional; there may be a bigger problem.

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