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Your Summer’s Favorite Activity

  • What should I bring for the paddleboarding lesson?
    Starting your paddle boarding with your first Costco paddle board wouldn’t require much. Just a towel and sunscreen for most training institutions. For more information, contact the trainers before the scheduled lesson.
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  • Which board is suitable to start with?
    If you are asking about an inflatable paddle board vs solid, I would say a lot of beginners are more comfortable with the former. Inflatable is more soft to start your paddling with. It is as well recommended by most trainers and professionals.
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  • Will I be able to surf and have fun still during lessons? 
    Yes, you will enjoy a lot and it’s highly likely you will even surprise yourself and have a blast surfing. You will be able to stand up by the end of the surf lesson or your money back. I learned from the best, and there is no doubt you will have great trainers yourself who will teach you best techniques.  It’s been proven over the past decade that pop-up and technical surfing style are second to none in effectiveness and success.
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